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And this is the result...

In August '21, I received a request from the gallery Ideelart for a a commissioned painting of 120 x 160 cm, based on Poetry of life 6
A commission of such a large scale work is always challenging, especially because I'm a process painter and I don't work with a specific plan or sketches. Therefore I can't say in advance how the result will look like. The client gave me free rein and except for the color scheme and dynamics of the painting, there were no restrictions. During the process, I kept the client updated on the progress and even sent a short video of the initial layers (see my previous post).

Thanks to the very efficient communication with the gallery, who acted as the intermediary between the client and me, this project went very smoothly.

The painting is now hanging proudly in this lovely home in New York.

Poetry of life commissioned painting in its new home in New York