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About Linda Coppens

 Abstract painter Linda Coppens enjoying the sun in her garden in Spain

   “My ultimate goal is to bring about breathing life onto the surface of the painting with gesture, mark making and energy and by doing that, provide food for the mind and soul of the viewer."

I am a Belgian contemporary abstract painter.
From an early age I was fascinated by drawing and painting but could not pursue an art education at that time, instead I earned a Master in Psychology. But my interest in art remained and about twenty years later I pursued an art education at the Art Academy in Liedekerke, Belgium. In 2020, I moved to Torrevieja, Spain, where I currently reside.

In my colorful paintings I mobilize color, texture and gestural mark making as a structure for the creation of abstract compositions to evoke a sense of emotional balance in the viewer.

My process

Using a mix of mediums that includes acrylic paint, oil and cold wax, I layer my mediums using non-traditional tools and techniques. My inspirations include the unexpected feelings and thoughts generated by poetry; the weather worn surfaces of derelict urban buildings; and the vibrant and bountiful visual world of nature.
In order to evoke the various realms of human experience that inspire me, I surrender to process, allowing my paintings to manifest slowly according to their own rhythm and internal logic rather than planning my compositions in advance. Time is also an essential element in my work, as the impasto layers of paint can be read as records of the history of their own making.


Private collections in USA, UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Spain.

Solo exhibitions

2017 - Linéair, Dilbeek (Belgium)
2016 - A visual Conversation, Asse (Belgium)
2014 - Porter Novelli business event (Belgium)
2013 - Espace Art Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)
2013 - Gallery Artstudio, Knokke (Belgium)
2010 - Art Gallery Gerda De Jonghe – Lennik (Belgium)
2010 - Galerie Kunstobjectief – Lochristi (Belgium)

Selected group exhibitions

Colors' emotions (Bassano del Grappa, Italy)
Gender GAP II (San Ramon Art Center, California USA)
Crossing Borders (Westbeth Gallery, NYC USA)

Distance & Nearness ( Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Love explodes in red (Margian gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Frags & Flarden (Galerij Artisjok, Lier, Belgium)
Moclin Arte (Granada, Spain)

Global Art Project (GAP) KNEE JERK II - (California, USA)
Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery (California, USA)
Gender GAP: The women of Global Art Project / Gallerie Renee Marie (Benicia California, USA)
Fragmentos (Global Art Project) - Casa de cultura de San Lorenzo (Madrid, Spain)
Crossing Borders USA (Global Art Project) – Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery (California, USA)

2017- 2019
Crossing Borders/10dence gallery (Global Art Project) - Ghent (Belgium)
GAP no/MIND Portraits (Global Art Project) East Village Art View Gallery – (New York-USA)
Gallery Sobo Bade - Dakar (Senegal)

RV Contemporary Art, Kortrijk (Belgium)
Fuchs & Associés (Luxemburg)
CASC Europe (Luxemburg)
Enovos (Luxemburg)
Miele International (Luxemburg)
Lubrizol (luxemburg)
AG2R - La Mondiale (Luxemburg)
Erste Europaische Bank (Luxemburg)
Banque Lloyds TSB (Luxemburg)
Salon International de Sainte Marie la Mer (France)
Salon International des Arts Contemporains (Belgium)
Salon International des arts plastiques de Béziers (France)