Colorful and vibrant abstract art that offer a moment of beauty and harmony

Bold expression with a soft twist

I love to play and experiment with color and materials.
For me, being an artist is all about finding my way as I go.
The not knowing when I approach a new canvas or paper is challenging and liberating at the same time.
My goal is to bring about breathing life onto the surface of the painting with stream of consciousness gesture, mark making and energy.
I build up and destroy.
With each layer I seek answers and I add or subtract elements to obtain a new equilibrium, reflecting life today and the balance we need to find within.

Some recent works

Evening light n1

Abstract painting in oil & cold wax on wooden panel. This painting is inspired by the beautiful colors and the warm light in the sky when the sun goes down on a hot summer day.

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Peeking over the fence

Abstract painting in oil & cold wax on wooden panel.
Playful lines and shapes in many layers of transparent and opaque paint.

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Traces of a journey n1

Abstract painting in oil & cold wax on wooden panel. The work refers to an abstract landscape.

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Recent blog posts

Time for a break

The last months have been quite busy with artist tours and exhibitions, so I am taking a break and will soon be on my way to my studio in Spain. Plenty of sun, good food and surely some rest … But also some painting, won’t be able to stop myself.
See you all back end of January.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Kunstbeurs Kortrijk

21-22 Oct 2017 (10:00 – 18:00): I participate in the “Kunstbeurs Kortrijk“, one of the locations in the well known art event “Buren bij kunstenaars“.
There will be a lot of art to discover, so don’t miss this opportunity!
Address: V-Tex – Pieter de Conincklaan 23a 8500 Kortrijk

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Te gast in CC Strombeek

Reeds jaren lang is de “Kunstkring Strombeek-Bever” een blijvende waarde voor wie houdt van boeiende en vernieuwende tentoonstellingen. Bij de aanvang van het nieuwe culturele seizoen tonen zij hun nieuw werk in Cc Strombeek-Bever.

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