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Colorful and vibrant abstract art that offers a moment of beauty and harmony

Bold expression with a soft twist

I love to play and experiment with color and materials.
For me, being an artist is all about finding my way as I go.
The not knowing when I approach a new canvas or paper is challenging and liberating at the same time.
My goal is to bring about breathing life onto the surface of the painting with stream of consciousness gesture, mark making and energy.
I build up and destroy.
With each layer I seek answers and I add or subtract elements to obtain a new equilibrium, reflecting life today and the balance we need to find within.

Recent work

Light in the darkness

Although it is not meant to be a landscape, there are elements in the painting that feel like an approaching thunderstorm...

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Dynamic abstract painting on Figueras paper

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Mixed media on paper

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Great painting and very pleasant communication with the artist.

Yvo T.

Dear Linda, I like the painting very much, it is now in its new home in London, a gift from my colleagues after I left my old job after many years. I am very happy with the painting so thank you.

Joanna C.

The piece was beautiful and exactly as shown on the images. I unfortunately can't upload a photo as the artwork was a gift but the receiver was thrilled with it. Thank you Linda!

Eve H.

During an exhibition we were attracted to a small painting. Linda created a large work for us based on the small painting using custom color accents. It's an enrichment for our interior. Thanks!

Michel D.S.

Thank you for the art work - it is beautiful - my client is delighted!

Lucy A.

Recent blog posts

The study of color, a life-long journey

One of my art teachers once said to me that it takes at least 10 years before one gets a bit confident about mixing and using colors.

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Order in the chaos

As my studio is not big, I need to rearrange it often while working and I need to keep all my art tools and paints very organised!

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About composition and its paradox

In art school we all learn about composition as one of the principles of design. Composition is a complex topic and there are many ways to approach it. 

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