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Upcoming exhibitions

Already September! As usual time slips away.
I've been busy in my studio creating new work and preparing for some exhibitions.
I'm honored to have some of my paintings on display in 3 international exhibitions, taking place in Belgium, Spain, and Argentina.

Frags & flarden exhibition poster

Frags & Flarden (9 Sept - 29 Oct 2023)
Galerij Artisjok
Antwerpsestraat 47 Lier / Belgium

Galerij Artisjok presents Frags & Flarden, a project developed and coordinated by Frederique Rennuit (BE) and Carl Heyward (USA).
Opening hours: Th/Fr/Sa/Su from 14.00 till 18.00

Frags & Flarden ( the remains of tattered dreams) arose from the mutual admiration of a group of 6 Belgian mixed media artists primarily working in assemblage and 3 dimensional forms and the results of the GAP (GLOBAL ART PROJECT) Frag(ment) Exchanges that incorporate refuse, waste, discards and detritus from the studio floor which is mailed to participants in the 80 member group working in 17 countries to create new collaborative works. FRAGS & FLARDEN incorporates the incentives of both modes of working, challenging expectations and routinized ways of creating. 


Moclin Arte - opening    Moclin Arte - participants
'Moclin Arte' (17 Sept - 8 Oct 2023)
Art festival in the historic villages of Moclín / Andalucia
Centro Eco-Convento, Olivares, Granada
Love explodes in red exhibition

Margian Gallery
Buenos Aires, Argentina
(16 - 30 Nov 2023)