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Starting a large commission

I got this mission to create a 120 x 160 cm painting based on another one of my paintings Poetry of lfe 6.
Because I am a process painter, I can't (even if I would want to) copy my work. So the condition to take up this commission was that the painting would be based on the same color scheme and dynamics of Poetry of life 6 but it would not be a copy.
Some other challenges ... The painting needed to be in a horizontal format while Poetry of life 6 was in a vertical format and the client wanted it to be on pre-stretched canvas, so I would need to have a crate built to ship it. 

But I took up the challenge and ordered the canvas.
Because of the large size, I decided on canvas with aluminium stretcher bars to avoid warping.

I don't often take the time to record myself working on a piece, but this was kind of special.
In this video, you can see how I put down the first layers of color and mark making.
There are many more layers to come and I will post the finished work .