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Yoghurt it is... n5
Yoghurt it is... n5

Yoghurt it is... n5

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It started as yoghurt but it became something else...
My usual way of working... I start with an idea (in this case "yoghurt culture") for the yoghurt culture art project. But then I let the work take over. I react on the shapes and lines that I see and from there the work develops.
This collage is made of different types of paper, painted with acrylic high quality paint glued on matboard by means of acrylic medium or PVA glue for the heavier papers.
The collage is covered with a layer of acrylic medium for protection and to obtain a uniform shine.
The work is matted and fits in a standard 40x40cm frame. 
You can simply replace the mat provided in the frame you buy with the matted collage. 
Frame on picture is only for display purposes, frame is not included in the price.

• Size: 25 x 25 cm
• Signature on the front.
• The work needs to be framed.