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A heart full of wonder

The paintings in this series are dotted with elements of wonder and play inviting the viewer in. They recall the voice of children marveling at nature and discovering life as divine. Remembering our childhood and embracing the mystery of life can bring back a sense of wonder for the world. From time to time, especially in challenging times, we forget what we mean when we say "playfulness." We forget that there is such a thing. We forget that we are capable of being playful. Thinking of the amazement  a kid experiences when blowing bubbles and seeing the iridescent circles they produce or when finding  a glittering stone on a walk.  It’s like soaking your soul in a healing bath.

The paintings exude peacefulness and are yet contrasted with elements that invoke curiosity and that remind the viewer of what it was like to see the world anew: through the eyes of a child.