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New work - Haikyo series

I'm working on a new series ‘Haikyo’.
This series is inspired by urban exploration, the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden elements of the manmade environment.
These paintings are about the decay of uninhabited and abandoned space.
There is something about abandoned places that I find very exciting and profoundly beautiful. The aura, the vibes, the imagination of what once was…
The questions... Who lived there? What happened there?
It is the viewer who rewrites the story of what took place.
This is the feeling I want to express with these works. A feeling of curiosity, of wanting to explore what you see and to discover your own story in it.

In Japan, abandoned infrastructure is known as haikyo (literally "ruins"), and the term is synonymous with the practice of urban exploration, hence the title for this series.
I'm still adding to the series, but some works are finished and available in my shop.