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Global Art Project (GAP)

Recently I joined the Global Art Project (GAP), founded and curated by Carl Heyward, an artist and writer from San Francisco (US).
GAP is a membership based international collaborative of more than 30 Mixed-media Artists in twelve countries.
GAP makes it feasible for participating artists to exhibit their work worldwide. One of the upcoming exhibitions is GAP VII Senegal. Although I won't be able to be there in person, my work will be part of this exhibition.

Within the overarching GAP project, there are several sub-projects. Currently I am participating in the Frag Project.

GAP / frag (Project):
The fragments, the raw materials that might become elements of mixed-media collages or paintings...torn found papers, billboard-tears, fabric, found shopping lists, photos and negatives, discarded canvas and throw-away's that are given new life by another artist who incorporates these raw materials into something new; a way to collaborate via the mail and internet as well as in-person...
Mixed-media work derived from the exchange between members of Global Art Project; relinquishing responsibility or ownership going beyond the original intention of an image or idea broken down into fragments (frags) resulting in a deconstruction, a re-ordering of the visual universe into new ways of seeing...one of the most significant examples of this practice is the giant Dada quilt GAP created assembled by Akiko Suzuki in Osaka and San Francisco in 2016 for the SF International Arts Festival's "dada here and now" exhibition curated by Carl Heyward, Matthew McKinley and Hanna Regev titled "The Mystery of Love, Anger and Delusion ( soap-bubbles)", a 3.5 ' x 32 ' work derived from over 2.000 frags from the international membership.

Link to GAP website
Link to GAP Facebook page

I really like this idea of making something with raw material, pieces coming from other artists from all over the world! Although I already made quite some collages in the past, this project gives my collage-making a completely new perspective.

Here are some of the works I made for the Frag Project.
Frags for these pieces came from USA (Carl Heyward, Heather Wilcoxon), Spain (Maryse Pique) and Belgium (Anne Brems, Christine Verhaert).

Collage mixed media on paper 29x40cm


Collage - mixed media on paper - 47x55 cmCollage mixed media on paper 47x55cm


Collage mixed media on paper 29x40cm
Collage mixed media on paper 29x40cm


Collage mixed media on paper 29x29cm
Collage mixed media on paper 29x29cm