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About composition and its paradox

In art school we all learn about composition as one of the principles of design. Composition is a complex topic and there are many ways to approach it. 
You have to learn all about compositional concepts but when you are painting, you shouldn't be focused on these concepts or it will show in your work. 
A big challenge is creating work that is surprising and expressive and that has at the same time a visually striking design.
The problem is that if we follow the rules, the painting often feels and looks that way. It really looks as if a set of rules has been implemented.
The challenge is to incorporate the concepts of composition (and other principles of painting) without holding too tightly to them and to focus on expressing yourself.
So what I try to do is to work freely and expressively and then build in moments of reflection. Those are the moments where I think about the more formal elements in painting and that guides the way in my abstract work.

abstract work

So my work is really all about searching and finding my way, just like we do in our lives.
This is a life-long process and a wonderful journey!